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Artist: UnknownAriana Grande
Title: UnknownHands On Me (feat. A$AP Ferg)
Album: UnknownMy Everything (Deluxe)

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someone posted a status that said “the feeling of relief when you leave a 12 hour shift” and i read that as “the feeling of relief when you leave a 12 hour shit

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"This isn’t your typical love story…" opens the trailer for a movie about a white, heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied, middle class, and likely loosely Christian couple who find each other through serendipity and a very small amount of actual work.

the only time i miss high school is when i have a really bad cold because back then i could skip school for a day or two and lay in bed watching tv and relax until i got over it but nowadays when i have a cold, i can feel awful but it’s not dire enough for me to not fulfill my commitments

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what do u think about nicki skinny shaming in anaconda?


I think skinny ppl can turn off her song and open literally any magazine, watch any other video or movie and tv show and see their body types idealized and praised

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i worry about my attempts at kindness and inclusiveness being misinterpreted as overbearing/clingy

and on some level i’m like “noooooo that’s silly don’t worry about that” but on the other hand, we all know those people who are just “too much” and make people uncomfortable and i really don’t wanna be that

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