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caroline is a south carolinian and moderately tall redheaded college student who's majoring in history and frequently dresses like a (hot) librarian. she likes dolly parton, CNN, rachel maddow, bad reality television, sexually explicit music, cute things, beautiful women, non-fiction books, and often has to be watching HGTV in order to fall asleep. she blogs a lot about chris colfer, her life, and other things that strike her fancy. she was a world champion figure skater in another life.

❝Our all-female college guaranteed a focus on academic achievement and extracurricular leadership we might have missed at a coed college. Women not only ran all the student activities— from student government to newspaper to clubs— but we also felt freer to take risks, make mistakes, and even fail in front of one another. It was a given that the president of the class, the editor of the paper and top student in every field would be a woman. And it could be any of us. Unlike some of the smart girls in my high school, who felt pressure to forsake their own ambitions for more traditional lives, my Wellesley classmates wanted to be recognized for their ability, hard work and achievements. This may explain why there is a disproportionate number of women’s college graduates in professions in which women tend to be underrepresented.❞

—Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton
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